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Because I CAN LIFE

I CAN Gold Necklace

I CAN Gold Necklace

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I designed this triangle bar combo with the entrepreneur in mind. 

The 3 way win is something that helps everyone win.

You, Influencer, Customer

You, GOD, Your Business

You, Money, Goals

Are you seeing the vision?

Every triangle design I found was facing down and that wasn't going to fly with me.  

I wanted something that represents showing the strong bases we have built and the only way to go is up.  

Reminding us that:

I can live my dreams

I can make money 

I can serve others with my products.

The bottom bar is showing us we did make this happen.  Whether it's the first dollar of 100,000 dollars.  I DID make my dream happen.



18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Love this necklace and reminder!

This necklace goes with everything, and is a constant reminder that I can kick fear in the teeth and bless my family!

Valentina Ciubotareanu
Very nice

It's great to have as a reminder that we can achieve our goals.

Teresa Keller

This is a beautiful necklace with a lot of meaning. I would like it to be a little longer and the circle to clasp onto is so small I have to add a larger one. Maybe it is an older bigger lady problem.

Heather Tooker
Beautiful necklace

I love it! Stands as a great reminder whenever I need it most… I CAN! I only wish the chain was a bit longer!

Christina L.

I think the necklace is beautiful, but I think it should be bigger so you can read the "I Can" on it. I thought it would be bigger when I ordered it. I still love it. I should also have a extender added to it for heavier people with a bigger neck.