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Hi, I'm Alison!   
I've been selling online for almost a decade and have discovered what I call my BecauseICAN Life.  Once a former Jr. High Teacher gone entrepreneur who built 4 multi-million dollar businesses and now it's my time to teach others how to make this their reality too.  (find out more about my story here at AlisonJPrince). 

I can guarantee you the best-priced products ever and due to staying true to the fun, there is limited quantity.  You've got to get it before they sell out. 
BUT, let's add some more sugar on to this goodness.  
I’ve shared stories about when I started my first online ecommerce company and I had ZERO idea of how it all worked and NO idea how I was going to sell products.
But one thing I did have was this: opportunity 
Starting from taking boxes to the post office in my minivan to growing it to a multimillion dollar business was something I never would have believed until it happened. 
Because of this journey, I have been able to teach thousands of women and a handful of men the opportunity they have to become an entrepreneur.  What it’s like to invest your time, your resources and your energy into something that can change your life and your family’s life.
We’ve cheered each other up, cheered each other, and watched some pretty fantastic things happen for amazing people who NEVER thought they could do what they’re doing.

Let's take it one step deeper and talk about those with no opportunity.  Where a $100 loan could buy a sewing machine and allow a woman to earn money needed to put food on her table.  Or maybe the money that will buy a pair of goats that will allow a family to earn enough to send their kids to school.  This is where I've teamed up with HOPE INTERNATIONAL who provide microloans for this to happen.   

Entrepreneurship runs deep in my bones and together we get to give opportunities to others. 
We will be giving 10% of proceeds from every order purchased to Hope International and that gives opportunity.  
But here’s what else is so freaking exciting:
You’ll also have a behind-the-scenes vantage point to learn about growing a business with giving at its heart. With every item that ships, we all get to celebrate the restoration of dignity and hope to families who desperately need our help. 
Because seriously, this isn’t about ME…it’s about the amazing power of WE.
Questions? Contact Support @ hi@becauseicanclan.com