Because "I CAN" FOOD Presets

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Wahoo!! These presets were designed with you and your shop in mind.  I created a mobile and desktop version.  

I CAN FOOD presets are perfect for your lifestyles pictures that are food related.  Note: If you are taking bad pictures, no preset or photoshop edit can help.

Bad pictures can include:
Blurry, Dirty lens, Yellow tone kitchen lights, Busy backgrounds

Remember the basics to good pictures:
Use natural light (turn off the kitchen lights and go outside)
Put products in the shade
Put your back to the light source, so the light shines on your products vs. in your face

You’ve got this!

We made step by step guide to help you install them. Lightroom on mobile is user-friendly and FREE and doesn’t require specialized know-how. You can give your photos a distinctive and high-quality look with just a few clicks to help tell your story through your pictures.

If ya have any questions, let us know. My team and I are here to help! Why? Because we can!